Al-Kazemi: Crime against Yazidi women is a great disgrace in terrorists’ history/ We promise to take their revenge

SHAFAQNA- The Iraqi prime minister promised last night at a conference marking the first anniversary of the drafting of a law to protect Yazidi women rescued from ISIS that the aggressors would be punished.

Mustafa al-Kazemi said: “The crime committed against Yazidi women will remain a great disgrace on the history of ISIS terrorist gangs and all dark-minded groups that claim to rule with outdated ideas, while this is a reason for the danger of their obsolete ideology.”

Al-Kazemi stressed the need for cooperation and efforts to prevent a recurrence of what has happened, and said that such a thing is possible only through prudent governance, adding that the government is looking for opportunities for development so that there is no place for these terrorist groups.

Pointing out that this crime was a challenge to the global humanitarian situation, he added: “We have to thank those who pursued this case in local, regional and international circles and were able to turn it into a transnational human issue.”

Source: Alsabaah News

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